What our customers are saying about See Spot Think:



"The games were quick and easy to set up. It was so handy to have all the supplies ready and that has motivated me to play often with my dogs."

"I truly believe this is the greatest idea yet for pet owners!"

"The instructions are very clear and easy to use. The video instructions were helpful too since I would have given up on several of the dogs in the video but learned how to work with timid or anxious dogs."

OMG the Muffin Tin game is awesome! Buddy was nervous about the treat sliding in the pan and how to pick the treat up in his mouth but he figured it out quickly. I really like this and think it is genius!"

"I thought your directions and advice were right on. My dogs LOVED it!"

"We had a very good time with the activities. It will become part of our weekly routine. Whiskey liked it better than most of the purchased puzzles he has. Thank you!" 

"Our kit arrived today! All three dogs had a blast! After individual turns, all three went after together. Such fun! We will do it again tomorrow!"

What our clients say about our Enrichment Program:

"Stefanie understands that canine enrichment is more than just the walk, and creatively develops impulse control, focus, body awareness and social intelligence with the dogs lucky enough to be in her day school. From Dawg Bus pick up to Dropoff, What Dogs Want is a class operation, and Stefanie's expertise has had a measurable impact on two of my fur kids. Simply the best!"

"Awesome stuff!"

"Stefanie is doggone gifted"

"Mom's chest is puffed out with pride!! Our dog is making progress by leaps and bounds, progress is evidenced at home!"

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