You Can Do What With Pool Noodles!?

August 31, 2017



We are always looking for ways to incorporate an activity into the day, at our enrichment center, that will build up a dog's confidence.  Using a cardboard box cut in half along with 6-8 pool noodles, also cut in half, we call one such activity a Noodle Wall.


With this version, we support each side of the Noodle Wall and control how close the two sides come together, then lure the dog to walk through the noodles!  Most of the our four-legged friends are somewhat skeptical to simply walk through and some are completely inhibited, "you want me to do what!?"  Most end up going through with varying degrees of rapidity while the noodles are barely touching and others require lots of patience and time to make a tiny step towards the noodles.



Yampa, a Golden Retriever, starts off checking things out and she quickly becomes very comfortable passing back and forth through the noodles.  Yampa has a lot of energy and even though noises like large trucks passing by her are super scary, she is quite adventuresome when it comes to activities.  From her perspective, the Noodle Wall is "fun!"  "I wish there was a huge noodle wall that I could go in and out, back and forth, doesn't that sound awesome!?"


Now her classmate, Ruger, the Boxer, was much more skeptical and hesitant to start going in and out of the Noodle Wall.  He tends to take plenty of time to give something a try, especially if it is scary to him and this was scary!  "Why do you want me to go in there?  Did I do something naughty, I always try to be a good boy!  Those noodle things feel weird against my body, kind of creepy.  Thanks any way but I am good without having to go in there, at least for now".


The little miniaussie, Cooper thought that the Noodle Wall was so fantastic and he goes in and out as fast as his little legs will take him.  "I like the way I make the noodles flap back and forth and I like that noise that they make when I move through them.  "Hey, this is fun, do I get a treat for this?  I am doing a good job, right?"


Bandit and Lucy, two Havanese house mates, like to do most activities together whenever possible.  They enjoyed going through the Noodle Wall and were quite brave and even went in on their own,  after some coaxing with a treat!  Bandit says that he is the one who really likes the noodles and Lucy just scurries through to get it over with quickly.  "I want to like it but I am not sure how passing through pool noodles can be that much fun.  Bandit really has a lot more confidence and likes to show off and try things more readily than me".   "I do like to do things like this noodle box thing, but having Lucy here with me makes it easier for me to be brave!  "Doing things like this is fun for our Mom and Dad to see on Instagram and that is always a good thing!"


Thanks for stopping by to read about what we are doing to enrich the lives of dogs with fun and challenging activities because "It Is What Dogs Want".





























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