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July 12, 2017







This week at our enrichment center we had water activity time.  It is very HOT here in Scottsdale and the dogs appreciated being able to get their feet in cool water, some taking full advantage of the opportunity by getting wet all over!  


In our enrichment program we utilize above ground wading pools, with and without floating balls, different types of sprinklers, paw-activated "drinking fountains", a slip n slide  (the sprinkler aspect make it great for the dogs and they are not interested in running on it).


Dogs are unique individuals with preferences and experiences that shape their reaction to the various activities that we introduce to them and we want to help them "verbalize" thoughts that they could have in a world where dogs talk.  In fact, they talk to us all day long!  


We hope that you enjoy reading what these dogs have to "say" about the activities that we create.   We want them to  think, explore, face fears,  learn and hopefully stay alert and happy well into their geriatric years. We think that they have so much personality and we thought that readers of our blog would enjoy getting to know our students.


The combination of a sprinkler and a "slip n slide" created our very own splash pad and we could get most of the dogs to participate, even if it meant running through the water chasing each other, so fun!  Here is what Bandit, Lucy, Sasha, Melvin, and Nelson had to say:


Bandit  -  black/white Havanese


I think I like the splash pad and I really like to be told that I am a good boy!  If I can play in the water and not be bothered by my class mates, it is easier to be a good boy.  I don't really love the water on my head but I am good with wet feet.  Holy Cow, it is over 100 degrees here today!!


Lucy  -  black/white Havanese.  This is Bandit's housemate and they are as close as 2 peas in a pod.


  I love the water but I am not sure if I like having sprinklers on my head, I really like having teacher Stefanie spread the water around and get my hair out of my face.  I don't like dogs running around and getting too close to me, especially when I am trying to get jiggy in the water and nab a couple of treats along the way!


Sasha  -  Black German Shepherd


I think that most of these activities are a little silly and I am always looking for something to do or someone to control,  I have to stay alert and focused, not really interested in living in the moment!   I play in the sprinkler at home and it does feel good to have my feet cooled off, but walking on the slip n slide-really?  


Melvin  -  Cattle dog mix with a great big spot on his side in the shape of a heart 


Hey, can I just run around and chase one of my class mates or be chased?!  I am a little afraid of spraying water but I am loving the puddle of water that I can roll in!  This is fun but don't tell me what I can or can't do, hahaha, I do love running through the water puddles!


Nelson  - Golden Retriever


I like getting wet, but it is a little scary at the same time!  Is there a treat somewhere for me because that would make this a whole lot more fun.  Oh, I like the way this feels on my body, I think that I will keep going back and forth and see if I can get a little wetter, but not too wet.  Oh boy, this is kind of fun!!


We have dogs at our facility Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays, through the summer months and we hope you follow along and read  what they think about the activities that we create for them, hoping to add  learning opportunities and  entertainment to their days.


Hope you feel inspired to try some water activity with your dog and have some fun, our four-legged friends love spending time with us!










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