Frozen Enrichment for Dogs

June 28, 2017

Summer is upon us! And even though we have days when it's too hot to take Fido out for a walk, it is still very important to keep him engaged and stimulated! Mental enrichment can be even more tiring than physical enrichment-working with your dog on brain games or practicing obedience for just 15 minutes is more tiring for most dogs than walking for a mile!

When you are home and want to work with your dog, you can pull out your See Spot Think boxes and provide a number of different ways to enrich and entertain. What about when you can not be home or just want to relax and watch a movie? How about giving your dog a frozen Kong! Just fill a Kong (available practically everywhere dog supplies are sold) with healthy snacks, freeze, and let

 your dog enjoy himself for an hour or so!

Need some ideas of what to put in your Kong?

Try making doggie ice cream by blending 3 bananas, 32 ounces of plain, unsweetened yogurt and 1 cup of peanut butter. Scoop this mixture into the Kong, freeze, and give to your dog to enjoy.

You can also 1 cup of plain, unsweetened yogurt + 1 cup of plain cottage cheese and a handful of your dog's favorite snacks broken into pieces. Mix, stuff into a Kong and freeze.

Another favorite: Mix 1 cup of applesauce, 1 sliced banana, 4 or 5 apple slices and 1 cup of chicken broth. Stuff into your Kong, freeze and serve.

These frozen treats will not only make your dog's tummy happy, they are an opportunity for your dog to practice impulse control, focus, problem solving, and conflict resolution! If you need more ideas for fillings, check out Pinterest for lists of dog-friendly foods. Almost anything can be shoved into a Kong, then fill it up with applesauce, yogurt or peanut butter, freeze and  delight your most-deserving pup!

Have a great week and don't forget to have fun with your dog!



Stefanie & Indy




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