Dog Leotards and Shedding

January 23, 2017














The shed defender is made out of a lightweight, breathable, stretchy fabric that does not make the dog hot.  It is a unique eco-friendly fiber, partly recycled fabric.  It has a zipper on the underside which allows you to easily partially unzip it when the dog is outside so it can eliminate.  Once it is off, shake it out or throw it in the dryer to remove the hair.


The company boasts other benefits, such as how it can act as a way to keep your dog warm, can help reduce anxiety and give the dog a sense of calmness, can act as a replacement to the cones that dogs sometimes have to wear around their necks to keep them away from a part of their body, and helpful for dogs with skin diseases and/or allergies.


The company donates a portion of their sales to local animal shelters.










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