Arthritis in dogs - how Galen Myotherapy can help

November 20, 2016


This is a specialized muscle treatment that is hands-on manual therapy and totally targeted to functionally and therapeutically manage the condition that is being presented by the dog.


Galen Myotherapy is an effective treatment for dogs that have arthritis and can really help with dogs that are intolerant to pain killers.


Arthritis is a painful and sometimes debilitating joint problem that affects many dogs.  The most common type of arthritis, osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease.  This can be due to aging, results of a previous injury to the joint and yes, young dogs can suffer with this condition also.  About 20% of dogs over the age of 1 already show signs of arthritic change within one or more joints.


When a dog has osteoarthritis, they stop using that "part" that is painful.  For example, a dog has an arthritic knee and will start putting more weight on the other three legs along with other parts of their body.  This is the beginning of major changes that start a new cycle of pain for the dog in addition to the sore knee.  We start to see a change in their posture, which creates another cycle of pain.


Some of these dogs suffer general health issues because of this change as well as their decreasing mobility. Some owners will see personality changes and behaviors not seen before such as eliminating in the house, creating skin sores due to licking and chewing, loss of appetite, less engaged with family members and even aggression towards people and/or other pets in the home.


Galen Myotherapy isolates and treats the muscle pain that becomes part of the arthritis.  This technique treats the muscles that are trying to protect the body, helps to correct posture and can have a very positive effect on the dog's behavior and, therefore, improve their quality of life.


The myotherapist practitioner works closely with the owner and the veterinarian. 




























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