Petey's Playground

October 30, 2016


Petey's Playground is a foster-based pet rescue serving seniors in the Peeples Valley area of Arizona.  This includes Congress, North Ranch, Yarnell, Kirkland, Wilhoit, Skull Valley, and the rural areas in between.


In 2012 Petey's Playground was launched with a goal of helping seniors preserve their relationship with their pets.  The focus was on providing temporary care or housing for pets whose owners had a medical emergency.  The organizers found themselves doing much more that this.  They are improving the quality of life of seniors and their pets through placement, training, and assessment.


They help seniors who want a pet, to find the appropriate companion animal for them.


They address behavioral issues that affect the relationship between people and their pets.  They continue to provide short-term care in medical emergencies, including placement of pets in new homes, if the owner's health will not allow him or her to return to the previous living situation.


There is no charge for the services that they provide.


This is a 501(c)3 nonprofit animal welfare organization financed by private donations.


Their mission:  We want to help animals - and you.  


If you are looking for a rescue to help out, check out Petey's Playground at www.

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