Homework for the Long Weekend: Puppy Push ups!

September 3, 2016

Happy Friday Everyone! I really wanted my dog, Indy, to demonstrate this weekend's homework assignment but I could not get him to do a reliable sit/down/sit to save his life. I may include the video anyway on our blog since everyone likes a good blooper... ugh. Embarrassing.  Anyhow, have fun working with your dog on Puppy Push ups!


To teach push ups, have a treat in your hand and a few more at the ready. Ask your dog to sit and praise him. If he knows the 'down' command, ask him for a 'down' and praise him + give a treat when he complies. Ask for a 'sit' again; praise and give a treat when he complies. See how many repetitions you can get him to do! This is a lot harder than it seems as dogs RARELY are asked to go from a 'down' to a 'sit'. This kind of activity will engage his mind as well as his body! 

If your dog is not solid on his 'down' command, after you have him in a 'sit' position, put a treat in front of his nose, and try luring into a 'down' position. Praise. Then move the treat upwards so he brings himself back up to a sit. Give him the treat as you praise him some more.

When you first start this game, give a treat after each push-up. Once your dog learns this new game, then give the treat intermittently – maybe after two push-ups or four, then after one really quick push-up. Work towards increasing the number of push ups your dog will do and/or how quickly he can do them!

Have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend and don't forget to have fun with your dog!

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