Interview with The Owner and Canine Concierge for Doolittle's Doghouse, Tori Levitt

August 28, 2016



Doolittle's Doghouse offers a cage free boarding experience in a Doolittle nanny's home or in the pet parent's home.

Tori's mission is to offer a loving, affordable, convenient alternative to kennels and cages


Where did you get your inspiration for the name of your company?


The name is from a favorite movie as a child, the original Dr. Doolittle.


Why did you decide to go into the business of boarding dogs?


Nine years ago, while still employed full time in the home lending industry,  I would take in friends' dogs when they traveled.  Before too long, I found myself sharing my bed and my home with up to 10 dogs at a time and by word of mouth that number grew to 100 in a relatively short time.


The home lending industry was beginning to suffer a significant slow down and I decided that even though I could not help people get the home of their dreams, I could help them by providing a loving, cage free experience for their dogs, when they traveled.


Doolittle's Doghouse was born!


What is your dog experience background?


I don't have any formal experience, just a love of dogs and various other animals throughout my lifetime.  Growing up in Des Moines, Iowa, my Dad had hunting dogs and even though they were kept outside, they were always well cared for.  I also had bunnies and a fantastic exposure to all sorts of animals represented at the annual Iowa State Fair, a highlight of growing up in the Midwest.

My previous two wonderful, personal dogs were Max, a Leonberger and Nikki, a Havanese.  Both were quite well socialized with other dogs and Nikki was around to help me with the dogs that were staying in my home.


What is your ideal vision of companion pets in our society?


First, I would hope that pet parents concern themselves less with treating their dogs like spoiled, pampered children who often times are showered with toys, treats, and special services as well as detailed routines and instead spend real time with their dog so they get to know what makes their dog happy, what they don't enjoy, do they like walking, or do they prefer chasing after a ball in the yard with no competition from other dogs, etc.


Secondly, when the pet parent has a situation arise or notices changes that are concerning with their pet and they don't know how to help him/her deal with the situation, they reach out to professionals to try and figure things out, while keeping the needs of their companion the priority.


What makes you unique amongst your peers?


I believe that dogs crave human companionship and so I provide cage free boarding in the nanny's home or the pet parent's home.  We will go to homes for visits, but prefer to spend much more time with the dog and actually like to have at least three days with a dog up to 3 weeks and beyond.  I have valley wide nannies available and the nannies are fully vetted by me.  Nannies are available to the dogs in their care the majority of the day and night, most are retired and all enjoy the company of dogs.


I match the nanny with the dog's needs, as closely as possible.  Whether the dog has to be an only dog, needs grass access for elimination, needs to be hand fed, medicated, needs someone to stand by them while they are eating, can they climb stairs, do they prefer small dogs, large dogs, and even reinforcing behaviors that the family is working at home, all for no extra fee.  It is this attention to detail that makes the dog feel comfortable in the host family's home usually after a 30-45 minute introduction and the reason that 95% of first time clients return and 95% of consultation/introductions result in a booking.

My goal is to have joyful, happy dogs while in our care and this makes the work very gratifying.


I want to be a total resource for pet parents!


We Make Happy Tails Happen at Doolittle's Doghouse



Thank You!, Tori


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