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See Spot Think! 

Designed and tested by dog behavior and enrichment specialists, our activities provide fun, easy ways to help your dog learn skills, build confidence, and most importantly spend time with their favorite human.


Working and playing with your dog with these activities will:

  • Provide mental and physical enrichment appropriate for ALL dogs

  • Strengthen the bond you have with your dog

  • Teach and reinforce polite behavior and manners in a fun, relaxed way

  • Help your dog learn problem solving, impulse control, focus, and body awareness while building confidence along the way


Available now: Check out our Game of the Month featuring games used at our enrichment center in Phoenix, AZ! You've seen the dogs use it on our Instagram page now have fun with YOUR dog at home! 

Does your dog have a keen sense of smell?  Sniffy Squares-one of the greatest nose work activities you can provide for your dog! Scatter food or treats inside the square and let your dog forage and hunt to find their reward. This activity is fun because it allows dogs to use their natural instincts in a safe and appropriate way. 

Now available: Snacky Snake! Snacky Snakes are a fun food-based enrichment activity that all dogs love. Hide food or treats in the folds and twists of the snake and let your dog problem solve how to get them out! You can suspend Snacky Snake, wrap it around objects (take on a walk and wrap around a tree to surprise your best friend!) or just used on the ground. 

All products are shipped within 7-10 business days

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