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See Spot Think! 

Designed and tested by dog behavior and enrichment specialists, our activity box is the only one of its kind. See Spot Think will:

  • Provide mental and physical enrichment appropriate for ALL dogs

  • Strengthen the bond you have with your dog

  • Teach and reinforce polite behavior and manners in a fun, relaxed way

  • Help your dog learn problem solving, impulse control, focus, and body awareness while building confidence along the way


Now available: Our Enrichment "starter kit" containing over 20 activities to work on focus, problem solving, impulse control, body awareness, creative thinking and polite behavior with your dog


Our "top 5" favorite games and activities used at our enrichment center in Phoenix, AZ!

See Spot Think enrichment kits ship 7-10 business

days after order date.

**Live in the Phoenix-metro area? Add a storage tote to your order for $20 more. Large enough to keep all your games and activities organized, handles make it portable! Add to your cart at checkout!

What Dogs Want creative thinking activity
Buddy works at Scuba Dog! On of our monthly activities!

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