Programs & Services

What dogs REALLY want!


Campus for Enrichment & Learning

Making confidence happen!

Let your dog spend their day with us learning important skills and having fun! Small class size, a safe environment, a staff of canine behavior experts plus a thoughtful curriculum makes this program truly What Dogs Want!  See last month's curriculum here!

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Customized Enrichment & Activities

Different dogs have different needs!

We want all dogs to have enriched, happy lives so would love to work with individuals, rescues, dog day cares, boarding facilities and breeders to create an enrichment "game plan" to set dogs up for success.

Is your dog timid? hyper? bored? precocious? We can help with that! Want to do MORE with your day care? Call us! Would you like field trips for your rescue pups? We have a place in mind...


Educational Toys & Activities

Work the mind, tire the body!

Games and activities that are not only fun but serve a purpose! Help your dog develop impulse control, learn to focus, solve problems, think creatively in a fun way while working alongside their favorite human (that would be you).


DOPE! Sports games for dogs

The most fun you can have with your dog!

DOPE (Dogs Of Phoenix Enriched!) is a chance for you and your dog to work together as a team to solve problems, complete wacky stunts, challenge your dog-human communication skills but most importantly- HAVE FUN! 

Don't live in the Phoenix area? Let's chat about bringing our program to your neighborhood!


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