From day programs for your dog to come learn, think and  have fun with their peers to enrichment kits so you can work with your dog at home, What Dogs Want is committed to providing just good stuff for dogs and their people!

See Spot Think! 

Developed by dog behavior and enrichment experts, our one-of-a-kind activity box for dogs is the perfect enrichment "starter kit" that delivers brain games and enrichment opportunities to your door!  

MORE than just a box of treats and toys, this is perfect for dogs, puppies, or any dog that likes to think, learn and have fun!

Treat your dog to a Snuffle Mat, one of the best nose work activities for dogs that also fosters problem solving, focus, and impulse control.

We also offer the ultimate enrichment 'starter kit' featuring 20+ activities along with an e-book that provides detailed written and video instructions


We also offer our 'Top 5' kit featuring our all-time favorite activities that work on a variety of skills with maximum fun.

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What Dogs Want Enrichment Center

What dogs really want: a day filled with learning and fun in a small classroom-like setting. Located in central Phoenix, this is the ONLY enrichment center of its kind!

Full-day classes (9am-2pm) offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays; half-day classes (9:30-12:30) available on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Transportation may be available for dogs in our full-day program

who live within a 10-mile radius.

 Class size is limited to 8 dogs/day to maximize your dog's fun and minimize any stress.

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Private Appointments

Need some ideas for easy and inexpensive activities you can do with your dog around your house? What the heck is a Snuffle Mat and why do I need one? How do you get a dog that doesn't have any focus to focus?


Give us one hour of your time and we'll show you a variety of games and activities that will provide your dog with mental and physical enrichment. You don't have to have fancy props or a lot of time to provide some fun and stimulation for your pup! You can make a fun game by going up and down stairs! We'll show you!


Appointments (instruction only) start at $100 for 1-hour consultation.

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Want to team up with your dog to solve problems, navigate through obstacle courses or work on tasks? Then join us at our Doggo Sports Games!


Based on the European "Cross Dogging" activities, this is the most fun you can have with your pup! Work together to complete tasks, learn together, but most importantly, HAVE FUN!


Learn more by clicking here. Space is limited to 12 dog-human teams so register now

Contact us: What Dogs Want

phone: #480-242-0001



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