All dogs wishing to attend the Enrichment Center must first visit us for a meet and greet. This allows us to see if your dog will be comfortable in this type of environment (some dogs feel a lot of social pressure working with other dogs in small groups). You will have a chance to see your dog interact with other dogs and with us as well! Schedule one by clicking here


Other things to consider: 

Your dog must be well socialized with other dogs and people. this is not the appropriate environment to teach your dog how to get along with others. If you have a dog that becomes aggressive with other dogs and/or people, he will not enjoy his time here. 

Dogs displaying "guarding" or possessive behavior will not be allowed to attend. These guarding behaviors can be unpredictable and can result in injury to other dogs. If What Dogs Want staff notes guarding behaviors in a dog enrolled at the enrichment center, management reserves the right to dismiss the dog from attending.

We do require all dogs to be current on vaccinations and current on flea/tick treatment. We can provide flea/tick treatment for you at an extra charge of $20.

Males must be neutered by 7 months, and females must be spayed before their first heat. 

Dogs cannot have known aggression issues with dogs or people.

If your dog will be riding on the bus, he/she must display cooperative behavior, must be able to ride next to another dog, and must not bark excessively on the bus. 

Contact us: What Dogs Want

phone: #480-242-0001



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