Everything you need to get started with our 'top 5' games at our enrichment center in Phoenix! You can work on improving your dog's focus, impulse control, problem solving skills, body awareness, creative thinking and manners WHILE having fun together.


Our top 5 includes the following activities:

  • The Muffin Tin Game, Tangled Towel & The Laundry Basket Game- great for problem solving, focus, impulse control and creative thinking
  • Treasure Hunting using scent bags- a fun scent work activity all dogs enjoy that can be done indoors or out
  • Building Bridges-good for working on body awareness while also improving focus, impulse control and following directions
  • The Licky Mat- a soothing activity that helps dogs slow down, focus and settle. Can be used during stressful situations (storms, bath time, etc.)


We've also included instructions to teach your dog the Airplane Game, Sit to Say Please, and Dog Zen which help build impulse control, focus and polite behaviors.


Includes all props necessary, a small bag of freeze dried beef liver to get your pup motivated and written instructions for all activities. These activities can be done in 5 minutes or 5 hours, and we guarantee your dog will not get bored!

See Spot Think: "Top 5"


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