The "Top Ten" Enrichment Kit

The "Top Ten" Enrichment Kit

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Everything you need to get started enriching your dogs' day with our 'top 5'. Featuring five of our canine students' favorites, you can have fun working with your dog while also improving their focus, impulse control, problem solving skills, body awareness, creative thinking and manners.


This kit features our top five games and activities the dogs at the center LOVE to do! Included activities:


  • The Laundry Basket Game, Treasure Hunting, Scuba Dog, Snack Snake & Tied in a Bottle- fun nose work activities that are also great for problem solving, focus, impulse control and creative thinking. 
  • Spinning & Stacking Challenges, Knock it Off Game-  these puzzles are not only fun but require your dog to try different strategies and learn new skills in order to acces the treat reward. Easy to build up the challenge to keep this game exciting! A great game for all ages and skill levels.
  • Reverse Snuffle Ball & Knot Me-a fun challenge for your dog to work on creative thinking and problem solving skills. Both games require some higher level problem solving skills to solve but can be enjoyed by dogs of any skill level. 


We also include bonus activities including The Airplane Game, Sit to Say Please and Dog Zen.... all help build impulse control, focus and teach polite behaviors. These three games are staples at our Enrichment Campus; all of our training clients and friends use these games as a fun way to continually teach and reinforce manners. 


But wait, there's more! We'll also tell you about games you can play with the included props if you add a few items easily found around your house. Or we can add a few things to your kit for an extra charge. 


    Our 'top 10' kit contains all props necessary for the activities listed, along with written instructions and priority email access should you have any questions about using any of the activities. If you would like more ideas about how to provide new challenges with any of our top 10 games, we are happy to help with that as well! 

    Materials may differ from shown above (due to availability from our suppliers) but will be comperable and will be just as perfect to complete all activities!


    It is a priority that you and your dog be happy with any purchase you make with us! If you are not satisfied with something please let us know so we can help:

    If for some reason you are dissatisfied with something you have purchased from us we will take it back free of charge if returned within 30 days of purchase. If the product is broken or defective it will be replaced at no charge, of course.

    We are not responsible for injury caused by our products if used in a way that it is not intended for. All of our activities and games are to be used under supervision to allow for maximum fun AND safety. Dogs chew, consume, break things, etc. so we do not suggest leaving them alone with fragile items or items that could cause damage if used improperly. 


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