The Pickpocket Puzzle

The Pickpocket Puzzle


One of our favorite activities at the Enrichment Center, the Pickpocket Puzzle is a great problem solving, focus, impulse control, creative thinking and body awareness activity all rolled into one. It is a terrific confidence builder too and is fabulous for dogs of any size or skill level.


You've seen our Pickpocket puzzle on Instagram (@whatdogswant), now let us create one for your  pup! Our "home version" consists of  either 12 large pockets or 14 extra large pockets (you choose at check out). The video shows the 'large' sized pockets and has been used by an 8 lb. puppy and an 80lb. pit bull mix. Each pocket is stuffed with a different game or activity for your dog to solve. Stuff each pocket or pick and choose which games you would like your dog to enjoy for endless ways to play.  Each game is simple to set up and is designed for repeated use. Detailed directions are included with the puzzle and we are always available to answer any questions you may have about the activity itself or how to play.


Since each puzzle is custom made, games included may vary. We will include a variety of games that require different skills and help reinforce others. Games will include a variety of towel games, stacking challenges, nose work opportunities and other problem solving activities. All will help foster skills such as creative thinking, focus, impulse control, body awareness, settling while building confidence. Give us information about your dog's favorite toys or games to help us customize the Pickpocket experience even more for ultimate fun and enrichment! 


Because we hand select and pack each puzzle, please allow 7-10 days before ship date. You will receive an email with tracking number once your puzzle has shipped.


As with all our activities we suggust you play along with your dog to help guide and supervise for maximum fun and safety.  



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