Sniffy Square

Sniffy Square

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Sniffy Squares are a fantastic activity for dogs who love nose work, dogs who need to build confidence, puppies who are exploring their world, older dogs who need more mental stimulation..... ALL DOGS!


Bury treats or kibble into the Sniffy Square and let your dog sniff and snuffle through to find them. This is a great tool for dogs who eat too fast or dogs who need more impulse control since using a Sniffy Square slows them down and challenges dogs to work for their food.  


Buy two and tie them together for an extra large activity area or hide them seperately around the house for a fun treasure hunt! Your Sniffy Square comes with instructions, including several ideas to use the Sniffy Square in different ways to keep the activity fun and novel.


We know that a dog's ability to smell is far superior to ours, but what a lot of people may not realize is that using their nose to pinpoint the location of different objects requires a great deal of mental focus. Be warned: using a Sniffy Square requires this type of intense focus so may really tire your dog out!


    Our Sniffy Squares are handmade so expect some irregularities along with a lot of love. Squares measure 12" x 12" and are made of high-quality fleece. This means they are very durable and better yet-washable. Just toss them into a pillow case or lingerie bag and set washer on delicate cycle.


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