Snacky Snake

Snacky Snake

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Our Snacky Snake is a fun food-based puzzle that encourages your dog to problem solve and think creatively on how to dislodge the treats that are tucked and twisted inside! This is a fun activity appropriate for all dogs and skills levels and helps build focus, impulse control, problem solving and creative thinking.


Snacky Snakes are hand made from high-quality fleece. They measure 3-4 feet in length which is perfect for suspending, wrapping around objects or just letting your dog work on them while settled on the floor. As with all of our toys, we ask that you supervise your dog while using for maximum fun and safety.


Snacky Snakes are reusable and can be washed by tossing in a pillow case or lingerie bag and setting your washer on the 'delicate' cycle.


    Snacky Snakes are approximately 3-4 feet long and are hand made from high-quality fleece material. They are quite durable (but we suggest always supervising their use) as well as washable. Toss into a pillow case or lingerie bag then put in your washer on the 'delicate' cycle. 


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