The Sniffy Square! This is a fun but challenging scent work/problem solving/creative thinking/focus/impulse control activity that all dogs love and every dog should have!


Hide treats inside the sniffy square and let your dog sniff and snuffle through in order to find them. Hide your dog's full meal in the square to let him "work" for his food, slow down a fast eater or just enjoy a rewarding scenting activity. Buy two and tie together for an extra challenge or hide them in seperate parts of your house for seek-and-find fun!


While almost everyone realizes that a dog’s ability to smell is far superior to ours, what many people may not be aware of is that using their nose to pinpoint the location of different objects requires a great deal of mental focus. Because of this intense focus, nose work can really tire a dog out! This is a great activity for all dogs but can help hyper dogs or fast eaters to slow down. Order yours today!


Your order includes one Sniffy Square along with written instruction. These are hand-made so will ship in 7-10 business days. Our Sniffy Squares are made from high quality fleece material and are reusable. Sniffy Squares can be washed in a washing machine; please put in lingerie bag or pillow case and set your machine on 'delicate' cycle.


**Sniffy Squares measure 12" x 12" and are suitable for all sizes and breeds. As with any of our dog toys we ask that you please supervise, and engage with your dog during play for fun and safety.



Sniffy Square


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