There are other dog boxes on the market but See Spot Think is the ONLY one that provides games and activities that provide fun and effective ways to teach your pup important skills and manners. Valued at over $300, this box was developed by dog behavior and enrichment experts and tested by students at our Canine Enrichment Center in Phoenix, AZ.


Included in this one-of-a-kind box are simple, easy-to-use props and directions for over 20 different activities that work skills such as: problem solving, creative thinking, focus, impulse control, body awareness and building confidence!


Written instruction are also included, along with freeze dried beef liver which is a great high-value, smelly treat good for scent work and more!


Activities include:

  • Scuba Dog-a fun problem solving activity that helps build water confidence, focus, creative thinking, impulse control and conflict resolution
  • Building Bridges-great for focus, body awareness, impulse control, and building confidence
  • Targeting activities using your hand, a target stick, and target mats
  • Muffin Tin Game- build problem solving, focus, impulse control and conflict resolution skills with this See Spot Think classic
  • Tangled Towel- fun game that builds focus, problem solving, impulse control, conflict resolution and creative thinking
  • Nose work and tracking activities including the Holee Ball Challenge, Treasure Hunting, and working with Scent Tubes
  • Laundry Basket game-great for focus, problem solving, creative thinking, impulse control, conflict resoution and building confidence
  • Cups-fosters problem solving, creative thinking, focus, and impulse control
  • Pool Noodle Cavaletti-help your dog with body awareness, focus and impulse control
  • 101 Things to do with a Box-bring out your dog's creative side with some fun shaping activities. These activities also build confidence and focus
  • Running Bases- build focus, impulse control, body awareness and confidence with this fun, active movement-based activity
  • Spin the Bottle-a challenging problem solving activity that also promotes focus and impulse control
  • The Licky Mat-a soothing boredeom buster that promotes calm behavior; can be used in situations that make your dog anxious (bath time, nail trims, thunderstorms, etc)
  • Games that reinforce polite behavior and impulse control such as The Airplane Game, Sit to Say Please and Dog Zen


All activities help teach and reinforce important skills but we'll also explain how to modify each activity to keep your dog challenged and keep the game novel and fun.  Your dog will benefit greatly from the mental and physical enrichment packed into this box! You'll benefit from the improved relationship you'll experience by working so closely with your best friend on fun, yet purposeful brain games! Perfect and appropriate for ALL DOGS. Puppies who are just learning about the world, senior dogs who need mental activity to stay young, bored dogs who need a job to do, dogs who can't focus or sit still will ALL BENEFIT from See Spot Think!  Boxes ship in 7-10 business days.


See Spot Think makes a great gift for a special dog or person who likes to work with dogs!

See Spot Think: Our Deluxe Enrichment and Activity Kit


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