What Dogs Want Game-of-the-Month Club


Welcome to our "Game Room"!


Become a member of our Game of the Month Club for only $3 each month! Receive detailed instructions for a new game or activity every month that not only builds skills in your dog but will keep them mentally and physically engaged, build confidence, and strengthen their bond with YOU. 


You will be billed the 1st of each month with detailed instructions and link to the video sent once payment is received. Recurrent payment is available so you do not miss out! 


Videos feature several dogs with unique personalities and/or skill levels to demonstrate different approaches you might take with different dogs. HOWEVER.... if you still have questions about how to encourage your dog to try something new or are wondering how to make the game harder for your precocious pup, WE ARE HERE TO HELP!


Members of the Game-of-the-Month Club also gain email access to the enrichment experts at What Dogs Want. We are excited to answer any questions you may have about how to work better or differently with your dog. We can provide suggestions on how to change the game, your approach or motivation to help your dog learn. We understand (and LOVE) that not all dogs are created equal! Chat with us about how to improve your dogs' experience and help set them up for success. We will troubleshoot with you and suggest ways you might be able to change your approach, technique or style (sometimes it can be as easy as changing your posture during a game!) Remember that enrichment is all about the experience and should be FUN. Enrich, engage, explore, educate. That is What Dogs Want!




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