Dog bite Prevention Class

In this country, 4.5 million people are bitten by a dog every year. 1,000 people every day in the U.S. require emergency treatment after a dog bite. The majority of these bites happen to kids under the age of 13 and most of these bites come from a dog the child knows.

Dogs can be our closest companions, our best friends, our family. But any dog is capable of biting. Most dogs do not go looking for trouble but if they feel threatened, scared, or confused they may bite as a defense.

What Dogs Want is excited to offer Bite Prevention classes appropriate for kids Kindergarten-6th grade. Your child will be given tools to help protect them from dog bites, both from dogs they know and dogs unfamiliar to them.

We'll discuss:

  • Why dogs bite

  • What dogs are most likely to bite

  • Basic dog body language to tell if a dog might bite

  • Polite behavior (and impolite behavior) around dogs

  • What to do if they are bitten


This is a fun, interactive class with a lot of visual examples and a dog "assistant" so kids can practice polite petting on a real dog! Participants receive handouts to share what they've learned at home and will be encouraged to ask questions.

Class is approximately 60 minutes (but we welcome over time for questions!) and tuition is $200. We do require a minimum of 10 participants to ensure a lively discussion.


For more information or to reserve your space send an email to with 'dog bite class' in the subject line.


Classes are currently available for classrooms, churches or girl/boy scout troops. Beginning February 2018, we will be offering classes the first Saturday of every month in our Phoenix location!

Contact us: What Dogs Want

phone: #480-242-0001



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