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Let your dog spend their day with us learning important skills and having fun! Small class size, a safe environment, a staff of canine behavior experts plus a thoughtful curriculum makes this program truly What Dogs Want!

What does a typical day look like?

 View our curriculum from March here!

Our Program

We consider ourselves an "enrichment center" but what IS enrichment? First and foremost, enrichment should enhance life. Be fun. Be chosen. Enrichment is meeting the needs of each individual dog that walks through our door. It means providing opportunity to explore the environment, engage their senses, and choose to participate in activities that appeal to their inner dog.  We pride ourselves on dog learning, not dog training. Relationships are a two way street and working with a different species requires special insight, experience, compassion, and ability to communicate. Dogs who attend our program sense we have their best interests at heart because we DO.


At our center, we provide your dogs with fun activities that engage both body and mind. Dogs work on puzzles, games, and activities that build confidence, improve body awareness, teach problem solving and reinforce polite behavior. They sniff, dig, run, jump, hunt, stalk, dissect, socialize, work, and play in safe, fun, appropriate ways.

We practice settling, calm behavior, lowering arousal, and manners including riding politely and safely in cars. Dogs learn to share space with others, are allowed to communicate with other dogs and receive positive reinforcement for working next to or with other dogs. We love exposing the dogs in our care to as many new experiences, smells, tastes, sights, and textures as we can (including the chickens that live on our property!) as these opportunities together provide a full spectrum of experiences that will build confidence, enhance their days, expand their minds and strengthen their bodies. 

Along with our unique curriculum of games and activities, what makes us unique and effective is the continual feedback each dog receives throughout their day. We are keen observers and use this to let the dogs know what we LOVE about what they are doing with a thumbs up, 'good pup!' or piece of liver treat. We will also redirect dogs that are not choosing desired behaviors towards something a little more constructive and polite.

We believe in looking for opportunity to catch dogs behaving nicely and letting them know when we like what they do. Just like we perform better with compliments and positive feedback, so do dogs! And if feels better to focus on the good rather than the "bad". 

When dogs play or interact with each other, they are supervised 100% and receive continual feedback about their behavior. If their play is mutual, fun and safe they are allowed to continue. If their play or interactions with others is one-sided, bossy or bully-ish they are told that too and are re-directed or removed to settle. 

We have introvert dogs, extrovert dogs, highly sensitive dogs and dogs that do not know they have back feet. We tailor our program to accommodate each dogs' needs so they get the most out of their day here. Enrichment is only enriching if it is fun and enhances life. 

After almost 10 years of experience working with groups of dogs in a unique, intimate setting like this, we know what maximizes fun and learning with minimal chaos and stress for all dogs. We do not believe there are "bad" dogs or "good" dogs. There are just dogs whose behavior and personality is a combination of their learning, experiences, genetics, and their individual, unique self. It is our job to understand your dog's needs, understand what they are trying to communicate to us and the other dogs, ensure your dog is comfortable here, leaves with positive experiences, and receives tailored "educational fun" that helps bring out their best. This is What Dogs Want.

Full day and half day classes available. Space is limited and is by reservation only

so contact us now to get your dog in on the fun!


A day at 

Our Enrichment & Learning Center


We ask that dogs wishing to attend our programs first visit for a meet and greet. We want to be sure your dog will be comfortable in this environment and with us! This also gives you a chance to see the campus and meet some of your dog's potential "classmates".

Please note:

Your dog must be well socialized with dogs and people. If you have a dog that is aggressive with other dogs or people, they will not enjoy their time here. Dogs that display guarding or possessive behavior may not able to attend for the safety of themselves and others. Guarding behavior can be unpredictable and can result in injury to other dogs. If we notice guarding behavior in a dog enrolled in class we reserve the right to dismiss the dog from class immediately. If your dog decides this is not a program he or she would enjoy, we will happily work with you on providing games and activities your less-social or introvert dog will enjoy with you at home, because ALL dogs deserve and benefit from enrichment! 

We do require all dogs to be current on vaccinations and you will need to provide proof upon acceptance of your dog into our program.

Males must be neutered by 7 months and females must be spayed before their first heat. Unfortunately we are unable to make exceptions.

Dogs can not have known aggression issues with dogs or people.

If you dog will be riding on the bus, they must display cooperative behavior toward the other dogs, be able to share a seat and travel in close proximity to other dogs. Dogs are harnessed in for safety. Excessive barking or reactive behavior while riding may be cause to discontinue transportation services.

Tuition and Fees


Full-day program

Our full-day programs are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9am-2pm. Class size is limited to a maximum of 10 dogs per class.

Transportation may be available for dogs living within 10 miles of our campus which is located on 13th St. & Missouri Ave. in Central Phoenix. Contact us for details.


Half-day program

Our half-day programs are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9:30-12:30. Class size is limited to a maximum of 10 dogs per class.

Transportation is not available at this time for half-day programs; you will need to make arrangements to drop your dog off and pick them up.

$15-20/day; only available within 15 miles of center

Bus fare

Transportation may be available for dogs attending the full-day programs. Availability is determined by seats available on the bus, distance from our campus and behavior of dog(s) attending. If you are interested in having your dog ride the bus, please check with us for availability!

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