What our clients are saying:


"Stefanie understands that canine enrichment is more than just the walk, and creatively develops impulse control, focus, body awareness and social intelligence with the dogs lucky enough to be in her day school. From Dawg Bus pick up to Drop off, What Dogs Want is a class operation, and Stefanie's expertise has had a measurable impact on two of my fur kids. Simply the best!"

"Awesome stuff!"

"Stefanie is doggone gifted"

"Mom's chest is puffed out with pride!! Our dog is making progress by leaps and bounds at school, progress is evidenced at home!"

"Love watching you keeping Watson calm and focused--it makes for a happy mom and a happy fur son"

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Enrichment Center

A one-of-a-kind canine enrichment center where dogs spend their days exploring, learning how to use their minds and bodies, practicing manners and having fun being a dog in a small, safe group setting! 

Educational Games

From Scuba Dog to Sniffy Squares, Twirling Tubes to Snacky Snakes. Games and activities that engage and challenge your dog mentally and physically! 


Best of all? We've got your back providing you with tips to set you AND your dog up for success! 


Let us show you some fun activities you can do with your dogs at your house or on the go using items you already have!


Enrichment doesn't have to be complicated, expensive, or take up a lot of time to be rewarding! 

Explore and Expose

Rescues, dog daycares and breeders. Let's work together to set our dogs up for success in their world!

Exposure to novelty, making choices, discovering new scents and allowing them to be... well, DOGS helps them build confidence and brings out their best. They deserve that. Let's develop a plan.


Contact us: What Dogs Want

phone: #480-242-0001

email: stef@whatdogswant.org


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