What Dogs Want

Enrichment, exploration, engagement, education.

Our unique approach, respect and understanding of dog behavior inspired us to create a program that brings out the best in every dog.


We are here to help dogs live fuller, more enriched lives but we are also here for you, the pet parents, to help you build stronger bonds with your dogs, find easy and fun ways to engage with them more and enjoy opportunities to watch your dog have fun being a dog. 


How do we do that? 

  • We offer an Enrichment Center where dogs spend the day having fun while learning important new skills.

  • We work with rescues, day cares and training centers to provide or help develop enrichment programs for the dogs in their care.

  • We offer private consultations for ideas on games and activities to have fun with your dog at home.

  • We host dog 'Game Night' (in person or virtually) and Dog Sports Games for a fun way to team up with your best pup to show off your skills in solving problems, completing tasks, and having fun together! 


Be your dog's best friend. Come be a part of What Dogs Want!


A day at our Enrichment Center (but you can do this at home too!)

Confidence Building! 

Problem Solving!


Creative Thinking!

Body Awareness!

Enrichment Center

Our one-of-a-kind Enrichment Center has been hailed as a Montessori school for dogs. Its purpose is to help dogs build confidence through games that engage their minds, activities to engage their bodies, and providing opportunities to see/touch/smell/explore. Dogs make choices, practice manners, and socialize with a small group of like-minded pups.

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Featuring DIY enrichment kits and games approved by our very own aMAEzing Mae!

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Want to do more for the pups in your care? We offer private consultations, break-out classes, field trips to our center and workshops for your staff to provide fun games, stimulating activities and opportunities to explore.

Whether you are a dog parent, a rescue, training center, or day care we want to work with you! 

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Dog Sports GamesTM

Dogs love Game Night too! Let us host a game night for you and your dog-loving friends (virtual game night now available!).


Dog Sports GamesTM begin this fall for even more fun for you and your best friend! It is the most fun you will have with your dog, we guarantee!


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