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Our one-of-a-kind curriculum developed by dog behavior and enrichment specialists consists of fun activities that promote body awareness, problem solving, creative thinking, focus, impulse control and overall confidence!


We'll even send homework home so you can continue the fun!

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What our clients are saying:


"Stefanie understands that canine enrichment is more than just the walk, and creatively develops impulse control, focus, body awareness and social intelligence with the dogs lucky enough to be in her day school. From Dawg Bus pick up to Drop off, What Dogs Want is a class operation, and Stefanie's expertise has had a measurable impact on two of my fur kids. Simply the best!"

"Awesome stuff!"

"Stefanie is doggone gifted"

"Mom's chest is puffed out with pride!! Our dog is making progress by leaps and bounds at school, progress is evidenced at home!"

"Love watching you keeping Watson calm and focused--it makes for a happy mom and a happy fur son"

Activity of the month: Fun with Soccer Markers!

Five fun games to play with your dog using: Soccer Markers

1. As an introduction to nose work and problem solving, place a treat under one of the soccer markers and encourage your dog to find a way to get it out! Paws, nose, or even teeth are acceptable methods but please do not allow your dog to chew the marker. Increase the challenge by using 2, 3, or more markers putting a treat under each one!


2. To build problem solving and focus: After putting a treat under the markers, place a tennis ball or other small toy over the top covering the hole. Encourage your dog to find the treat and figure out how to get it!


3. For more problem solving and focus work: Place several soccer markers on the ground, drop a treat into one and challenge your dog to find which marker is hiding the treat!

4. For focus and a more challenging scent work activity: Hide several markers around the house, drop a treat into each one and encourage your dog to go find them!


5. For building focus, confidence and problem solving: Play the ‘Shell Game’ using 3 markers. Have your dog sit and watch as you drop one treat into one of the markers. Mix up the markers and encourage your dog to ‘find it!’ If your dog paws at or noses one of the markers, lift it up and show him if there is a treat underneath. If there isn’t, just say ‘oops!’ then encourage him to try again. Keep lifting up the markers he chooses to see if he has located the treat. Once he DOES find the treat! Make a big deal about it and let him know what a good dog he/she is! Most dogs will quickly figure out that using their nose to locate the treat is a much quicker way to receive the reward…. If your dog is slow to figure this out, just have fun and stay encouraging. After all the real reward is spending time with their favorite human (YOU)!

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